The thing about football is that its drama unfolds spontaneously without a  predetermined plot.

Unpredictability is what keeps the game exciting.  It's really a sport that goes beyond divisions like race, language, age, gender etc. It's an universal sport.


You're missing out if you're not playing or watching Football.


This is not an advert. This is not a sponsorship gimmick. This is just 4 footballers from Decathlon passionate about the sport, trying to help the few who do have the potential.

Recently, our Indian captain said that “As Indians, we only like to cover the story or make a biopic of a sportsperson only when he is famous, when he is a hero, only when he has won something for our country. Nobody likes to take care of a young talented kids in our country.” Here we are, trying to prove him wrong. Trying to prove this country wrong!

Identification and Nurturing: two things that are very important in sports. 

What we did was very simple… No scripts, no professionals, two mobile phone cameras. We set out to find a few talents in our city. Just not talents, the talents who could not afford the basic equipment. The ones who are really striving to be great!

We went to multiple grounds to find such kids (between 8-15 years of age) and offered to sponsor them a kit, especially a good boot. As a footballer, it is always the boot which makes or breaks your game. 

What we saw on these grounds, surprised us, to be very honest. It was hard to select the few because most of them were shocking us with their skills and ability. As an entity, we may not be able to sponsor every single kid in this city or country. Nonetheless, we had to pick a few and what we want the other kids to know is that we are looking out for them. We want them to work harder and not give up on their dreams. We had to start somewhere! 

As we visited more and more of these training grounds, it became harder to believe that our country still hasn’t made it to the biggest stage in football. For the love of the most beautiful sport in this world, we promise to be a part of that dream... A billion dreams!


To start off on the right foot, you need to learn the basics of Football and that's where we come in.
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Cleaning your boots isn't always a priority when it comes to your day-to-day life as a footballer. But it's essential if you want to keep your boots in top condition for as long as possible.
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The World Cup is something we've all grown up watching and in the course of the years, we've all developed favourites, convictions, and opinions about the progression of the game, about the participating countries, about the players. Not to mention the huge amount of emotions and a truckload of memories that are associated with this universal event that goes beyond divisions like race, language, age, gender etc. 


It was a similar environment at our office the other day when we asked some of our team members to share their memories of their favourite countries and players. A little chaotic at the beginning with all the debates and the opinions flying across the room but what emerged was beautiful and that's what we're sharing with you.


Here are a few stories shared by some of our football fanatics, not just about their favourite countries but their very personal experiences. Enjoy the read.

There are two ways to play football - with your fast legs or your fast brain. When you use the latter to play, you are bound to be emotional because it is sheer passion that is driving you.
Football, in my opinion, is your life, makes you realize that you can’t win or reach your goals unless you work as a team.
Football is more than just a game for me. It's a way of Life. It unites people like no other sport, poor or rich,Hindu,Muslim,christian etc,it doesn't know religion!
Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.
France is considered one of the most romantic footballing nations. It has a rich footballing history with both romantic and tragic experiences