4 Fitness Exercises You Can Do Everyday Without Any Hustle

Fitting in a fitness session every day? Impossible, I hear you chorus. But you can! Time for a few tips... and you don't even have to leave the house!



Sport at home starts with using certain household chores to get in shape and work your muscles.

"When you do the shopping, carry your bags or packs of water and go up the stairs : that already takes a big effort," sports for health coach Joëlle Jolly advises.

What really matters is to do it with good posture. Keep your stomach muscles and buttocks engaged, and your chest proud

Need to vacuum?The same applies. Stand up straight and really throw yourself into it.

Some good tunes will help you find the motivation you need to keep your pace.


Sport at home can also consist of a small set of exercises, which will take you no more than 10 minutes each morning, just before breakfast. 

"You don't necessarily need sophisticated equipment,"  the trainer continues. "With a small 500 mL bottle in each hand, put your arms out to each side and move them in small circles to tone your biceps."

The idea, like with a coffee or a shower, is to make these 10 little minutes a habit for a good start to the day. They will work muscle strength rather than cardio (because you're short on time). They will also wake up each of your muscle groups.

swimming illustration


Anaïs Sauvage, fitness coach and well-being practitioner, told me a few exercises that she recommends, to help you work your muscles every day at home.

"Planks, one minute of front plank then one minute of side plank, will work the whole body. And you can really feel that when you're doing them…"

Anaïs also recommends jump squats or "pedalo" (lying supported on your elbows while making circular movements with your legs). "If it pulls a little, it's working," the coach smiles. "Obviously, people can choose their exercises according to the areas they want to tone."

Finishing the session with a series of stretches allows you to prepare your body for the day ahead.


The idea is to set time aside for this moment, which is just for you, in your daily routine.

These daily fitness exercises (well, almost daily... let's not deceive ourselves: I don't vacuum every day) will only take you a few minutes, but if you repeat them on a daily basis, they will give your muscles a regular workout.

"Like drinking a coffee, this moment needs to become a habit," states Joëlle Jolly. "You can also choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Motivate yourself once, twice, three times… It will soon become the norm."  

Go on, set your alarm clock a little earlier tomorrow and start your fitness regime!


How about you: how do you fit in exercise every day?


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