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No matter you're sad or unhappy, you go to the gym, you feel good about yourself. This helps you mentally tremendously.
The structure of my day depends on my shifts. The biggest problem for me is waking up early. I usually take up the closing shift at work for the same reason.
It's interesting how in that one second when you look out of the window and see the breezy, sunny world right in front of you, you cannot help but wonder why you're sitting indoors and missing all the possibilities of adventure that lie outside.
Football is a Universal Sport. It goes beyond divisions like race, language, age, gender etc. If It were up to me, I'd declare it the best sport on the planet without a thought.
As a beginner, I understand how normal it is to have a series of questions, doubts and anxieties before the big run. The most common doubt that might most naturally erupt is whether you have the stamina to finish or what is the right way to train prior to the run to keep you at your desired pace throughout.
A once in a while getaway is important. Our city brain becomes a wilderness of its own until we visit real wilderness to find clarity. While you're doing your brain and body a favour, let it also be a favour to your pocket. Here are a few tips to do budget trekking this season.
Waveboarding, is a newer concept with unusual looking boards that run on two wheels. It's not limited to any particular age group. How it's different from Skateboarding is that you can take it wherever you want without having to put a foot on the floor.
We're so caught up in the clutter of our day-to-day existence, the unpaid bills, the cliched and regular means to keep ourselves entertained, we often forget that there is a wide world outside. Every day we're moving further away from it.
Most of us at some point in life have been active players. We grow up playing cricket in our Gallis or our school cricket fields. But then we've given up on being a player and settled for being a fan or a spectator.