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You will be surprised to know how cycling can change our lives. From an urban Indian perspective, we have listed down the benefits of cycling under four sections.
More and more of us are making the most of our lunch breaks to do some sport. The goals vary: staying in shape, losing weight, training for something... Getting it in is important, but it’s no reason to sacrifice lunch altogether. Here are the 3 things to do to make the most of it and not fall into that after-lunch lurch...
stopping smoking
You have made your decision: you are going to stop smoking. You know that the first few weeks will be difficult and you also know that giving up smoking is not something to be taken lightly. But do you really know what to expect in your new, cigarette-free life? I asked Marie-Françoise Legillon, an addictions nurse from the Decathlon Health Team, to tell us more about stopping smoking.
sport at work
Find it hard to get motivated for an exercise session after a long day at work? Fed up of staying stuck on your chair? What about doing your fitness exercises at work, in the office?