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How to maintain and re-waterproof hiking boots
You've used your boots on muddy paths and you don't know how to wash them? You've crossed a stream and are wondering how to dry them? Discover 4 tips on how to look after and extend the life of your hiking boots!
Say goodbye to dog-walking and say hello to dog-led hiking - teaser
My name is Jeremy and I am the proud owner of Soka, a Siberian husky. I'm going to tell you all about my experiences of hiking with your dog in the summer, or what we call "dog-led hiking” and why I love it so much. Unlike a stroll or walk, when you go on a dog-led hike, your 4-legged friend is attached to you in a leading position. Here are some tips for getting started and exploring walking trails with your dog.
Learn about hiking
It's said that beautiful landscapes have amazing restorative powers and hiking has proven benefits for walkers; so what are we waiting for.
“Shinrin-yoku” (forest bathing or sylvotherapy, in English) may seem a bit strange. This involves taking a quick dose of fresh air and nature while hiking in the woods for a short period to reduce stress, especially for city dwellers, who today represent 80% of the French population! As such, there are probably lots of you looking to get your due "dose of forest" each weekend!
badminton smash
Badminton Smash is the most potent of all badminton shots. There is almost no defense against a well-executed smash. Here is how to get better at smash.