Knowing the Rules of Badminton is important if you are serious about the game. Here is the complete information on the basic rules and regulations to follow.

Are you really a passionate badminton player, born and bred to be so? It’s unceasingly simple for any guy to play a sport, but what’s important is, how good are you and what all you know about it down and deep. Have the inner aspiration to be a prolific badminton player, you have chosen the right spot, to water your plants here you go, a list of badminton rules that we strictly have to clinch into.


Badminton, which is basically an indoor sport, sprouted its roots around early 16th century. Getting a glimpse of its history, it was first played in the middle of 1800’s in British India, in the pseudonym Poon. Termed as the world’s fastest racket sport, it’s quite an effortless game with a handsome of painless rules. A net, a shuttlecock and a racket, and few rules, you are ready to smash the shot. That’s the only equipment’s vital for a play. One has to serve the shuttlecock with your racket, to the opponent’s court, when they answer you back with another shot, the rally begins... the game which was triggered long back is now instituted as an Olympic event as well as a common sport, played in almost all parts of the world.

Before beginning there are few badminton rules and regulations which a player has to be aware of, to be a gnarly athlete. We should know where to shot, how to shot, types of shots and the basic rules of badminton. It’s not ground breaking or a hazardous one, rather an easy breezy one, if you are a fervor player.

Basic Rules And Regulations Of Playing Badminton

1. A game of two or four:

rules for badminton game

Badminton can be played as singles or doubles.

In a single rally, there will be two players, playing with each other.

While in a double rally, you can pair up with your friend and play a game of four. But the players are a set, like the sets of cards.



2. Left or right

Badminton rules

You cannot randomly choose your side as you wish. This is one of the basic badminton rule which needs to be followed for any rally. At the beginning of the game, when the server’s score is even, then you are at the right service court. If the servers score is odd, choose the left side. (yes! Be thorough with odd or even numbers, they do count!!)

3. Know your weapons

rules and regulations of badminton

Badminton is played with a stringed racket and a shuttlecock. The cock is topped with feathers and have a rubber base. The player should always hit the rubber base and not the feathered part. Each player can use a single stringed racket.

4. The serve

Badminton rules

The serve is the basic of any badminton play. Serve is the term used according to badminton rules, to hit the cock during the beginning of each rally.

A serve must be hit in an upward direction with an underarm hitting action. The main rule is that when you hit the shuttle, it must be below your waist. The service courts are the smaller box shapes inside the court. 

The first step to mastering the badminton serve is to understand badminton serving rules and the service court. 

The service courts are smaller box shapes inside the court. On your side of the net, you have two service courts: your right service court, and your left service court. The same is true for your opponent. The doubles service courts are slightly different. They are wider and shorter. 


Two points to remember - 

- The server must stand inside a service court
- The serve must travel into the diagonally opposite service court.


The short serve is probably the most difficult to master. Most beginner and intermediate players usually focus more on perfecting power shots, smashes, drives, etc. Your first choice should be to master the serve. It will win you more rallies than any other short. 

5. Begin it by a toss

Badminton rules

The basic rule and regulation of any badminton rally, either Olympics or your family play is that, the game always begins with a toss. When playing with your friends, stop fighting for the first serve, because you are within the box of the badminton rules! The start is only hosted by a toss; the next first serve depends on who wins the rally. If you win the first rally, then the next game begins with your serve. (perks of being the winner).

6. The ‘net’ trap

Badminton rules

If the shuttle touches the net and passes over to your opponent's side then it's totally fine. For example when you smash and the shuttle hits the top of the net but it successfully falls to your opponent's side and your opponent fails to retrieve it, the point is yours. 

Keep in mind that there is also a chance that the shuttlecock hits the top of the net and falls back to YOUR side of the court. In this case, you lose the rally.

7. Tame your hands and your feet

Badminton rules

While the play is on, your feet should never touch the white line bordered around you. Your hands aren't your racket, a hand touch is a foul play, which is beyond the shadow of any doubt.

8. “That’s a foul play”!

Badminton rules

According to the basic rules of badminton, if your cock touches the ground or if you hit it twice from the same court, that’s considered a foul play. So there’s no replay or second chance. “In the game of badminton, you either loose or win, there’s never a chance!”

9. Don’t be bully kid

Badminton rules

While a play you should never back or temp your opponent while he/she is serving, which may ward off their concentration. Feinting the opponents or trying to bully them by any means is unpardonably offensive. Being a sportsman you will obviously never be the bullying little kid anymore.

10. The landing

Badminton rules

The shuttlecock which is either served or hit, should land inside the service court. Any cock which flew away the white boundaries will not be counted and yes, your opponent will definitely score.


11. Dock out!

Badminton rules

If the following rules of badminton are continuously broken by a player, then the referee has the undue right to dock out the player’s point or the player from the game. Be alert! Your actions rules your future…

12. 21 steps ahead

Badminton rules

To win the game of badminton you must score points before your opponent. Out of 3 sets of play you must win 2 to be the talented winner.


Badminton may seems to be any easy play, yet it is fun and active, and not overly strenuous compared to other sports. It’s a active and healthy sport which anyone can play. It’s also a flexible sport which can be played with family and friends, thereby boosting up your energy and your love. This is the best way to spent a quality time with your loved ones, rather than sticking into the deep and dark world of your mobile phones. Badminton is an easy prick, but to be a passionate and true badminton player, you must be overtly aware of these basic badminton rules and regulations in the ground. Learn the rules like a pro, not to break them rather adhere to them and add value to your sport and passion.


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