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basketball positions
Basketball in its elemental form is a team sport that relies on the unique attributes and abilities of all the team members that the team comprises of, making it essential to know your position in the team.
gain strength for basketball
Do you want to gain strength to improve your basketball game? Looking for a way to warm up your muscles before a game? Check out our weight training exercises.
Jump Shots and Three-Pointers
Want to improve your aim and distance in basketball? Check out our tips for transforming your 3-pointers and jump shots into a swish!
what size basketball
Are you looking for your position on a basketball team? We'll explain how to find your position based on your size and style of play.
basketball agility on all courts by tarmak
What rules must be followed when starting out? What equipment should a beginner use? We here offer an introduction of the fundamentals so that you can get started with an understanding of your own physical characteristics and capabilities. If you are looking for an inside winter sport or if the sound of a ball bouncing on concrete in the spring calls your name, you may have a blossoming passion for basketball!
Say goodbye to old clichés: cheerleading is a well-rounded sport! Looking for something different that will push your limits and increase your self-confidence? This spectacular and athletic sport is just the thing!