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Billiards etiquette: Top 10 unwritten billiards etiquette rules
Breaking, positioning balls, holding the cue stick now you know how to play billiards. But did you know that there are other kinds of rules? Less official, but just as important? Etiquette, manners, sportsmanship...No matter the name, you must remember to play by these rules.
billiards equipment: what you need
Do you want to play billiards? Good. Do you want to get some equipment? Very good. But where to start? You're certainly thinking of a cue... but what's next? Follow the guide, we'll tell you all.
Whether you see it as a sport, a passion, a hobby, or all of that at the same time, you can't deny that pool comes with all sorts of benefits. It's good for both body and mind. We reveal all!
Where should I play billiards?
So you want to play billiards… But where at? Home? in a billiards club? in a public place? There's no wrong answer, just several good reasons to try out one or the other, or all three.
Billiards improves your physical health, encourages the development of social relationships, and is played in many competitions. We will here give 4 good reasons why billiards is absolutely a sport.
how to break in pool - red ball
Does the tip of your pool cue seem to be getting worn? That's perfectly normal! It's a consumable that you'll need to replace regularly. OK, but how do you do it?
billiards player gift
Need ideas for a billiards gift? You know that they are a billiards fan and you would like to make them happy're coming up short? Don't worry, our dream team has a few ideas for you.
While I've been athletic for many years, I recently took up billiards. I could embark upon a number of reasons for this decision, as if I have to continually justify my choice. But instead, I've decided to tackle billiards clichés!
From concentration to tactics, pool offers numerous benefits that apply to kids as well as adults. By involving them in your game, you will help them learn geometry, patience, skill and concentration. But how can you adapt the rules of pool to suit kids? We've got some tips.