Cross training

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Whether it’s a period of cutting or losing weight, the goal is the same: it’s a period of losing fat mass. How do you lose fat without losing muscle?
how to choose a traction bar
The traction bar is a complete piece of bodybuilding equipment, ideal for gaining good upper body musculature. To choose the right model, follow the guide!
lose weight and build muscles
Lose weight and build muscles in a safe and effective way by following these 3 fitness commandments which would help you achieve your fitness goals. To know more, Visit Now.
Ab Wheel exercises
Ab wheel is a device that helps you strengthen your abs, shoulder, arms, lower back and triceps. To know more about ab wheel exercises and the benefits of ab wheel, Visit Now.
bodybuilding progress in 3 lessons
In order to achieve better results in bodybuilding, we asked Florent, our expert, the following 3 questions. The answers to these questions will help you master the art of bodybuilding.
outdoor bodybuilding programme
Outside at last? What if spring is on the way and you want to make the most of the outdoors? Indulge yourself and check out our outdoor training programme to keep your muscles working.