Cross training

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build muscles
No need to lift weights to build muscle. You can complete your weight training with simple effective techniques with much lighter weights. Check out the alternatives.
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Abs exercisers are often easy to use & offer a range of exercises both for deep ab muscles and washboard stomach ones. Read our tips on how to choose an abs exerciser.
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You'll need a suitable sports bra when working out to protect your bust from the effects of your movements. How do you choose the right one? Check our expert advice on how to choose your fitness bra!
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A pull-up bar is a fitness training equipment that is ideal for building excellent upper body strength. Changing your grip will allow you to do different exercises to work on different parts of your body (arms, back and core). Read our tips on how to choose a pull-up bar.
skipping rope
A skipping rope is an effective fitness accessory to improve your endurance & lung capacity, help you tone up & keep you fit. But how to choose the right one! Read our tips to know more.