Diving and Snorkelling

25 advice
how to choose your aquashoes
For your snorkeling excursions, there are different kinds of aquashoes (or water shoes). So the choice is yours when it comes to protecting your feet…
how to choose your snorkeling equipment
Would you like to try snorkeling and head off to discover the underwater world? Before exploration can begin, a quick look at the equipment that you’ll need for snorkeling… Just follow the guide!
how to go snorkeling with children
Are you looking to go snorkelling with your child? A snorkel, mask, fins and a few precautions are enough to get into this sporting and enjoy a family time.
safe snorkeling
While snorkelling is fun and an excellent way to discover nature, following a few basic safety rules is crucial to be able to properly use your equipment.
To make the most of your Easybreath, some tips might be useful to keep things safe on your future excursions. Know how to use your Easybreath mask properly.
how to use your aquashoes
Aqua shoes are an integral part of the "snorkeling" package. But still, watch where you step! Become a responsible snorkeler by following our tips.
how to choose where to snorkel
Depending on your level of snorkeling, the choice of place to snorkel is vital. Dune, our technical partner and diving club, can give you some tips on this!
sun protection while snorkeling
Off on holiday soon ? Towel, sunglasses, diving mask and fins all ready... But, haven't you forgotten something ? An anti-UV top and sun cream should also be on the list for your snorkeling outing !
how to repair your easybreath mask
Is your Easybreath mask already in its second or third summer snorkeling season? Be sure to check it before your next underwater getaway. I