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Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.
Football is more than just a game for me. It's a way of Life. It unites people like no other sport, poor or rich,Hindu,Muslim,christian etc,it doesn't know religion!
There are two ways to play football - with your fast legs or your fast brain. When you use the latter to play, you are bound to be emotional because it is sheer passion that is driving you.
Football, in my opinion, is your life, makes you realize that you can’t win or reach your goals unless you work as a team.
Weather for many can break or make an outdoor activity but a rainy day doesn’t necessarily need to be a downer. Keep an open mind and hit the outdoors to make the best of the season.
There are 1001 opportunities to play sports! And to mourn one's life as a young girl or a young man is undeniably one. Here are some ideas to make the bachelorette day unforgettable and sporty!
how to choose your football shin pads
In football, your shins and ankles are put under severe strain. They need to be protected against knocks and impacts. Know more on the full range of products for your protection areas & support.
wingers qualities
As a winger, you've probably heard your coach scream "get up, get up," or "go take him on!" Let's take a look at the qualities & attributes needed for this 11-a-side position.
a guide for football veterans
Are you a footballer approaching 35 with absolutely no desire to quit football? Then this advice is for you! You may not yet be aware but you're now entering the world of veterans.