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8 bonnes raisons de randonner même sous la pluie - teaser
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, with the appropriate equipment, good preparation and a positive state of mind, hiking in the rain turns out to be a real pleasure for 8 main reasons.
In my set up, what do I do if condensation has appeared inside of the walls of the inner part of my tent? Is it still waterproof? Condensation is a natural phenomenon. The humidity of the ambient air condenses and is deposited on the inside of the inner part of the tent's walls, once the wall's fabric is colder than the inside of the tent.
Speed up your hikes with Fast Hiking - teaser
Are you looking for a change of pace? Then it's time to give speed hiking a try! Faster than the classic hike, but less intense than trail running, this new leisure activity offers a more sporty approach to your mountain outings.
7 tips for overcoming the fear of heights when hiking
Have you have ever felt your heart beating faster as you were about to cross a rope monkey bridge or walk along a rocky cliff overlooking a steep slope? If you are familiar with that feeling then you may be prone to acrophobia: the fear of heights. Here are 7 tips to control this fear and make your hiking more enjoyable. To note: this advice should not be used as a substitute for the recommendations of a phobia specialist. We would encourage you to consult one if your fear of heights is too debilitating during your hikes.
Getting the right hiking equipment for baby primarily involves choosing the best footwear. The following 3 factors must be taken into account at all costs: the sole, the comfort and the support.
Whether it’s just aluminium, equipped with a non-stick coating, or even anodised aluminium, your cooking pot is one of the essentials in your camp. So, it’s a good idea to ensure you take care of it, so that you can keep on using it for a long time in your greatest mountain adventures. To do this, we have some tips and tricks ;)
How to protect yourself from ticks when out hiking
Lyme disease, passed on by ticks, particularly affects hikers and other nature lovers as well as accompanying pets. To treat this disease, which is most often benign, we have an effective antibiotic treatment, severe types are rare. This is why it is necessary to prevent bites and to know the symptoms so that the disease does not gain ground and become chronic. Floriane, a mountain guide and Quechua employee, provides tips helping you to protect yourself. The following tips not only apply to humans, but also dogs, cats and horses.