Hiking and Camping

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Whether you are off for a walk for a few hours or setting off hiking we have the perfect backpack for you! Discover all our advice so you can select and prepare your backpack.
Embarking on a journey sets us on a fixed goal. Whether it is to climb a mighty peak or to simply reach a destination, the end is what keeps us going.
When poorly equipped or where you lack the correct tools, the cold may discourage us from walking or turn outings into nightmares: twitching, contractures, thumbnail grooves, chills
Things to carry for Camping
We’ve made a list of things you ought to carry for camping. it’s not an exhaustive one but it will give you a heads up for what to look for.
Weather for many can break or make an outdoor activity but a rainy day doesn’t necessarily need to be a downer. Keep an open mind and hit the outdoors to make the best of the season.
You have enjoyed wonderful hikes with your backpack. To enjoy plenty more, Quechua provides a 10-year warranty with backpacks. You can however prolong its life cycle by regularly caring for it. Discover 5 simple ways which make a difference to you and your backpack.