Ever thought about spending time with dad as a gift? By giving him the gift of sport, Margaux, Aurélie, François and Cyril all enjoyed a one-on-one experience they'll never forget! 


Margaux, Aurélie, François and Cyril had all the necessary gear, down to the socks... There was no escape! And just in case the size or colour was wrong, there was also a Decathlon gift card. Each had personalised their cards with a childhood photo to make it extra special.

father's day gift idea

Margaux (@margauxlifestyle) had no doubts: she knew her dad loved water sports, so she naturally chose stand up paddle boarding. She knew he had been interested in this new sport for a while - it's easy to see why when you live near Cap d’Agde in southern France! She also added a new rash guard and swim trunks to the gift box. Her dad was touched that Margaux new him so well.

father's day gift idea

For Aurélie (@aurelie_pereira), it was a challenge from the start. “My dad has never really been all that into doing sport.” After hesitating, she thought walking would be a good match, which turned out to be quite intuitive! Her dad really liked the NEWFEEL shoes designed for fitness walking, which are lighter and more flexible than running shoes. “He's not exactly the most expressive person on Earth, and never asks for things, so it's always really nice to surprise him”.

father's day gift idea

For François (@tendancesblook), choosing cycling wasn't all that big of a risk - he often went biking with his dad. However, they didn't get a chance to go as often as when he was younger. Father's Day was the perfect opportunity to get back in the saddle, especially since it coincides with sunny days! For his gift box, François chose a new cycling jersey and snacks.  “Dad was surprised - and thrilled.”


father's day gift idea

Cyril (@cyril_chok) planned a double surprise: with his busy Parisian schedule, he'd rarely had time to see his father in Marseille lately. He went down for the weekend with his gift box, which included a full golfing outfit: T-shirt, Bermuda shorts, tees and new INESIS balls. His dad couldn't believe it! He started playing golf with his son a few years ago and loved it, but hadn't had a chance to hit the green for quite a while.


The surprises didn't stop there - everyone had organised a sporty outing, with fingers crossed for good weather.

To go stand up paddling, it's best to wait for calm seas and sun because you're guaranteed to fall the first time! Margaux took her dad to paddle in a fabulous setting. Joao, a SUP enthusiast who works at the Decathlon Beziers store, introduced them to the sport in the Cap d’Agde region. He had them try out new inflatable paddles and ITIWIT boards. What Margaux remembers most is “laughing a lot and having fun, being a bit wobbly myself and him falling!”.

She says, “I loved it! Mainly because what's important isn't offering the biggest or most expensive gift, but spending time with family and creating new memories!”

father's day gift idea

Aurélie, woke her dad up in the early morning for a power walk in the countryside. “It was the perfect time to let him have some fun and get back out there. He was glad to be walking again and kept saying how happy he was, that he was going to go back out again the next week!”

In the end, it was a successful challenge for Aurélie, who took him on a walk of over 9 km at a good clip, with her dad being in great spirits about it. “Hearing him say 'this is great, it's such a great way to start again” was really nice!”

father's day gift idea

François got lucky with the weather as well. “We rode along the Canal du Midi.”Father and son pulled their trusty old B'TWIN bikes out of the garage and went for a ride around their home town of Toulouse. His dad was pleased with the experience, and they even went out longer than planned since he had snacks and a breathable T-shirt!

father's day gift idea

Cyril organised a round of golf at the Salette course with Julien from the Aubagne Decathlon store. Father and son dusted off their golf clubs and worked on their swings. Because golf is such a technical sport, they took all the advice they could get. A little practice is always a good thing!

father's day gift idea

Whether walking, paddling, cycling or golfing, all of these sports are excellent choices for spending quality time with dad. You get to share more by doing something new, on the green, on the water or in the countryside. It's about enjoying being together - laughing after a terrible swing, climbing up that slope, falling in the water or pushing through that last hill - that makes these moments unforgettable. Thanks to Margaux, Aurélie, François and Cyril for your stories!


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