Hit the ground running: the daily grind... Going back to work has taken its toll, your body feels exhausted and empty of all energy...

Between a busy agenda, meetings galore, reports by the thousands... you just don't know where to start. Tension is building up, you're feeling the strain.

Quick, make it all stop! Now, learn to relax and knock out any worries. Here are 4 tips to learn how to manage stress and stay in shape.





A warning to anyone who is stressed out by nature: forget about any dieting that will put you on edge. They are no good for sensitive individuals.

Stress causes people who are already quite delicate to eat even more. And the major cause for feeling delicate is... dieting! Too many restrictions can cause disorders in the hunger mechanism.

People who are obsessed with watching their weight have a tendency to be more vulnerable to stress. Their reaction would be to eat more, often sweet and fatty foods that are a source of comfort. Result: weight gain, which itself may cause stress... and so it goes on!


Therefore a healthy and balanced diet is preferable, without putting yourself on a starvation diet. It is better for both morale and the waistline.


Your surroundings are stressing you out, you're running in all directions without the chance to take a proper break? Don't let the outside world get to you anymore.

At lunch, take a 100% Zen break. How? Get out of the workplace. Get some air, and get away from the stressful environment: a park or home will do. Choose a quiet place so as not to disrupt this ritual. To get some privacy, take your MP3, choose a floating melody or some relaxation music...  then let each note carry you until you find true wellbeing.  Hearing is a great sense for relaxation so why wait: remove stress... with music.



Your smartphone never leaves you and is almost always glued to your ear? Yes, generation geek got the better of you...

If a single day without it feels impossible, then it's high time to take a break...

Don't let the fear of missing out get the better of you,


It's time to go offline.

Once a week, perform this ritual: turn off all your high-tech gadgets to finally be at one with yourself (no, channel hopping is not allowed...).

Nothing like it for stress relief: Here you are in real life, completely free from the connected world.


At the end of a long day, how do you get rid of all the stress?


Here's a yoga exercise perfect for recharging your batteries: the "Shavasana" pose.

Lie on your back on a yoga mat and let go of all tensions. Arms and legs are slightly apart, the palms of the hands are turned towards the sky, eyes are closed.

Adopt a relaxed breathing: slow and deep at the beginning, then regular.

Forget everything that's bothering you and that could disrupt your concentration. Stay like this for a few minutes. The exercise may seem very simple but you need to stay stock still. This means that you have to keep your mind focused on keeping the body totally still.

This pose is particularly useful to be aware of your body, empty your mind and return to the here and now.

Try it if you feel stressed, suffer from insomnia or anxiety.


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