Do you go snorkeling or would you like to have a go ? Think about choosing somewhere safe to snorkel !

Depending on your level of snorkeling, some aspects should be taken into account, particularly the choice of place where you will snorkel.
Helped by Dune, our technical partner and diving club, Subea is going to give you some advice on choosing your snorkeling site !


For peace of mind when you're snorkeling !

If you want to try your hand at snorkeling, pick the best site for you. The area must particularly have significant "safety potential" in terms of dominant winds (exposure), currents, but also depending on whether other potentially dangerous users are around (jet-skiers, windsurfers, spearfishermen, etc.).

To feel perfectly safe, choose a spot with a lifeguard, with obstacle-free access: pedestrian access, car park nearby, equipment space close by, etc.

Getting into the water from the beach is a good idea : it is easy and also limits the impact of trampling on the natural environment. Think about it !


A few tips to help you choose

The underwater topography should also be accessible. Ideally, it should be between 2 m and 5 m deep to make it easy to observe the wildlife and appreciate the colours, whilst limiting contact between your fins and the sea bed. Does your chosen site have varied relief ?

All the same, focus on a part that is mainly sandy, or sprinkled with a few small rocks. Take care to avoid grassy sea beds : these long green leaves that sway in the waves often scare novices !

Also make sure that the water is clear enough to let you see. As you go on, to enrich your encounters and the pleasure of discovery, target areas with interesting biodiversity and different ecosystems.

Always keep an eye on your water exit zone and do your first snorkeling excursions over a zone with a terrestrial relief that is not particularly prominent.

Furthermore, you can trust the underwater pathway sites: independent or guided paths will meet all the aforementioned conditions.


Last but not least !

Before going out snorkeling, make sure that you are properly equipped ! Fins, masks, snorkel, snorkeling suit...

The pleasure of your outing depends, of course, on the quality of your snorkeling equipment !


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