Shillong is an idyllic hill town in Northeast of India known for its green and wild landscape and plenty of surrounding trails. 

banniesha kharkongor

Banniesha Kharkongor. 

Sports Leader/ Coach Hiking

Growing up amidst the hills, the sky was always the limit for me since childhood and the hills were the only way that could lead me there. Being from Shillong a hill station in the northeastern part of India, I have always been open to challenges and adventures when it comes to exploring nature.

For me, the real adventure starts when you step out of your comfort zone and leave trails for those who are looking up to you and your passion.

Hiking in Shillong

Shillong is an idyllic hill town in Northeast of India known for its green and wild landscape and plenty of surrounding trails.


Best time to visit - June to September, the monsoon months


Famous For -  The wettest place on Earth, with an average annual rainfall of 11,872 millimeters


Altitude - Elevation of 1,525 m


Terrain - Lush and wild Garo hills, lakes, bamboos, vines, dark and lovely forests

shillong trails

I frequently go for hikes in my Home town i.e in Shillong

I hiked in David Scott Trail in Mawphlang and Rhodedron trek trail in upper Shillong.

To summarize my hike I would like to start by saying that one hikes to be exposed to the beauty of nature. The rough road and wet path is a tedious journey but the end result is worth the effort.

I ensured that throughout the hike I was well hydrated, wearing proper waterproof hiking shoes with a good grip and my apparel was quick-dry since  rain in Shillong is quite unpredictable

I was surprised to see everything nature has given us. Luscious green hills, quiet streams of water, wildlife and vegetation of whose existence I was unaware of, I've discovered in my frequent hikes.

Yes, sometimes the path seems never-ending but sometimes in life to achieve something, we require to strive for it. I am personally very content with myself for all the hikes I've undertaken.


shillong trails

Famous Trails of Shillong - 

map of shillong

David Scott Trail in Mawphlang 

Hiking distance – approximately 17 kms
Time Taken – 12:15pm-4:10pm


Rhodedron trek trail in upper Shillong 

Hiking Distance : 7.5kms
Time taken : 2 ½ hours


Other trails to try 


- Living Root Bridge Trail
- Smit Trail
- Mawlyngot Trail

shillong trails
shillong trails


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