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running with dog
It's tempting to try jogging with your dog, particularly now that the days are longer and the weather is a bit nicer.
running and smoking
It is sometimes worth reminding ourselves of certain things we take for granted: smoking does not get on well with regular satisfying running exercise.
The most important equipment for a runner is his pair of shoes. Consequently, its maintenance plays a big part. Here are a few pointers that we have put together to take care of your running shoes.
You're training programme has gone brilliantly and race day is right around the corner? You're feeling confident but a little bit of anxiousness is there at the back of your mind?
Running might just be the most convenient form of workout which doesn't require too many equipment but it is important to identify what your level is to be able to make the right choice of gear.
Avoiding an injury while playing is possible. Prevention is the only way to go about it. A few tips to find out how you can minimize the risks of an injury.
Life without stress is unimaginable. But we can fight it by getting into sports. A few tips on what sports to play and how you can reduce your stress level.
Before you get immersed in the practice of your favourite sport, it is essential to perform a good warm-up session so that the body can be at the right temperature, and thus avoid injuries.
Whether it is for road or trail running, with sleeves or sleeveless, with or without compression, a base layer or a second layer,etc.