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3 Skateboarders from Janwaar and Kovalam, Ramkesh,10, Arun,14 and Sujin, 16 were selected to travel to 5 countries in Europe. The whole idea behind the trip was to have the kids head out of their familiar settings into discovering different cultures, food, surroundings etc
I've always dreamed about an environment of skateboarding for myself, learning a new trick, creating my own skating style, and exploring the whole world on these very different magical and adventurous set of wheels.
Waveboarding, is a newer concept with unusual looking boards that run on two wheels. It's not limited to any particular age group. How it's different from Skateboarding is that you can take it wherever you want without having to put a foot on the floor.
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There are no age limits on roller skating! This fun skate sport will help kids practice balancing and coordinate their movements. So which skate should you choose for beginners, intermediates and experts? Check our expert advice on how to choose your kids' roller skates!