I have been sports enthusiastic from a very young age and started skating when I was four years old.


Suthapalli Devi

Inline Skater

I am 21 years old and I am from a place called Kakinada in East Godavari District.  I have been sports enthusiastic from a very young age and started skating when I was four years old.

From birth, I've suffered from low resistance toward illnesses and faced a few health issues. To overcome this sense of feeling low, I started learning skating and then later on it became my passion. 

Some of my biggest achievements are the many medals that I've won for Skating which include;


- 100+ district medals 
- 70+ state medals (The state champion for more than 10times)
- 15 national medals. (I was a national overall champion for 3 times till date.)

The path toward achieving all of this wasn't paved at all

I've had to face multiple problems. Speed Skating is one of the most expensive sports to be a part of and many times I've had financial crises stand as a hindrance. From getting up as early as 3.30 am in the morning to head to practice to traveling upto 10km each day in the cold are few of the many hurdles I had to overcome. 


I am from a very small place where I didn't even have access to better training

Moreover being a girl, society was always against my parents for supporting my dreams and fighting against all odds to help me stand where I am today with all these medals and recognition. This journey has made me stronger by the day and by the years. But all of this wouldn't have been possible without the support of my parents. I am extremely thankful to them for standing beside me as strong pillars. 

I have been to Everest base camp + 3way pass trek in 2017

After my 12th class, I have moved to Hyderabad for further studies. I have been to Everest base camp + 3way pass trek in 2017. I am proud to say that I was one of the three people who completed the 3way pass successfully. 
Decathlon has been the biggest support and helped me to collect all the trekking gear with the best quality. 

Apart from skating I have done a few certifications in fitness. Now I am working as a certified fitness trainer in Hyderabad. And train around 50-70 people every day. 


I am very happy about being able to change the life of many people toward a positive lifestyle

And now I want to train harder and achieve a few more medals + train people to help them, achieve their dreams. 

My aim is to also educate people about cancer fitness and how important it is to work out during the time of treatment, during the recovery time. I want to help the cancer victims in having a healthy life.


I've always dreamed about an environment of skateboarding for myself, learning a new trick, creating my own skating style, and exploring the whole world on these very different magical and adventurous set of wheels.
3 Skateboarders from Janwaar and Kovalam, Ramkesh,10, Arun,14 and Sujin, 16 were selected to travel to 5 countries in Europe. The whole idea behind the trip was to have the kids head out of their familiar settings into discovering different cultures, food, surroundings etc