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how to choose your skis
You should choose your skis based on 3 criteria: the type of skiing, your level and body shape.
Screen tints, size, ventilation and anti-fogging ... there's a ski mask for all occasions to ensure good visibility and optimum protection on the ski slopes. So how do you find the right one?
Ski boots keep you comfortable and hold your feet in place to transfer weight to your skis so you can turn as you want. Read our guide to know more.
First and foremost, your snowboard boots need to be comfortable and secure. And they need to work with your type of snowboard and ability level.
how to choose your ski poles
There’s no skiing without ski poles – but how do you know which ones to buy? Here's all you need to know. Check our expert advice on how to choose your ski poles!
snowboarding guide
Essential parts of the board, the bindings ensure effective gliding and snowboard control, while also providing support and comfort.