There is a whole host of activities out there for kids. But when your little one says "yes" to everything, that hardly helps you narrow things down... 


Here are some ideas...Sport and children often go perfectly hand in hand. And it's a perfect way for your little ones to channel their energy. Gymnastics, judo, team sports, swimming, horse riding… Each child has their own talents and tastes, and will generally find something to suit them. You can't wait to see your kids having fun on a judo mat or in a swimming pool, but how young can you introduce them to the joys of sport?



Water: a natural environment for infants  

In fact, from the age of four months (although swimming pools may have different age restrictions), very young children can access"baby swimming" sessions.
Swimming pools generally provide a dedicated time and space for young children and their parents.

I met osteopath Caroline Bonnière, who extols the benefits of getting babies moving in water.
"Special sessions for baby swimmers nurture the connection between parents and children, and help little ones improve their body awareness," she tells me."By moving in the water, they get to know their arms, legs and joints. We're not really talking sport as such, but it's an excellent way of starting to work motor skills and proprioception."


Baby sports: a wide choice    

To the same end, baby gym sessions generally welcome children from the age of two years.

"They run, jump, crawl and climb. Baby gym generally involves mobility obstacle courses for children. It's a great way of preparing to do other disciplines later, and a means of understanding how their body works."

From three years old, baby sports then expand to include multiple other disciplines: tennis, team sports, judo, pony riding, and more. Choose according to your children's tastes.



What activities do your kids do? What benefits have you seen? We can't wait to hear your stories!


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