Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking

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Haven't you tried stand-up paddle boarding yet? It's the most accessible water sport there is and it lets you cruise on the water very quickly.
Are your children looking at you from the shore with envy as you link paddle strokes? It may be time to invite them to discover stand-up paddling and the marine environment
Justine, a Fitness & Yoga coach for the Domyos Club and Itiwit Ambassador, sheds light on this activity in which the ancient practice meets the modern standup paddleboard.
Are you starting to play around in small waves with our SUP but have never been surfing before? In this case you will need to quickly acquire some good surfing habits to avoid any accidents in the waves.
Are you starting to feel comfortable on your SUP and would now like to know how to turn more easily, faster or with more style? Are you using a longer, more streamlined touring board and finding it more difficult to turn? Itiwit shares its top tips on the different turning techniques so that you can enjoy manoeuvring your stand-up paddleboard.
You've finished this beginners' phase, you're starting to feel a little bored, or you get tired quickly and want to avoid this. These two signs indicate that it's time to move onto a new phase in your SUP training. Discover 5 tips to improve your endurance, balance and paddling technique !