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Sun, heat and waves: the perfect cocktail for learning to surf.... Planning on using a friend's shortboard, or the one that's been in the far end of your garage for months? Learn more about our tips for choosing the right surfboard to get started.
Surfing is all about reaching your limits, in contact with nature and it is, of course, a free sport. However, with the popularity of surfing, there are few spots where you can surf as you like. In order to start surfing or simply practice safely, you need to learn more about the priority rules.
Beginner surfers, intermediate surfers or experienced surfers... anyone thinking about (or not thinking about!) joining a surf club should read the following. Safety, progress, team spirit... Here are just a few reasons why you should join a surf club.
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Whether you’re planning a beach trip with a group of non-surfers, or just looking for a way to enjoy the ocean on your non-surf day, here are our top 7 ocean activities to try when the ocean is flat.
If you’re on the hunt to find yourself some new waves this spring break, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive in and check out the top 10 surf spots for spring.
Tone up your muscles, feel the freedom of contact with nature, push back your limits, work off your stress... these are some examples of the benefits of wave sports. Follow us to find out more.
Beginners are often recommended to attend a surf school for a few hours. For various reasons you prefer to learn how to surf without lessons. Is that possible?