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swimming- glide in four strokes
Whether you’re curious, taking a test dive, swimming free of your fears or preparing for a competition, we want you to feel that you’re made for water with gear that fits just fine.
I started to “like” the early morning cold water swims when I was swimming in one of the club pools in Bangalore many years ago. I didn’t believe when people told me that cold water swimming is addictive.
The sheer monotony of swimming in the 25mts pool led me to try “bigger” challenges when I proposed the challenge of crossing the English Channel thus my love for the open water was born.
A good kick technique ensures a good overall swimming technique. A more effective workout and gives you more satisfaction while you swim. And yes! it improves your performance drastically.
Let's head to the pool to begin training for Open Water Competitions. Swimming in the pool will give you the confidence to start your open water sessions and you will also know the necessary techniques that will be vital for your sessions outdoor.