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Children and Swimming
Confused about how to introduce you child to swimming? The blog highlights the importance of swimming lessons and the perfect age to learn swimming. To know more, Click Here.
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Despite the benefits open water swimming can provide, taking some precautions is good before taking a first dip. Read to know more on open water safety.
Count laps while swimming
It is crucial to know how to count lengths while swimming to help organize your swimming sessions efficiently. To know more about the techniques like pyramid workout, click here!
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Running out of breath while swimming? The blog provides tips on how to improve lung capacity and proper breathing techniques to improve your swimming skills. Visit Now.
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Introducing your child to swimming at an early age is beneficial in many ways. But how and where to do it can be a question. Read our guide to know more.
Aquaphobia - Fear of water
Aquaphobia is a chronic, persistent and irrational condition that creates fear in people when around water bodies. Visit now to know more on how to overcome this fear of water.