Whether you want to shed those extra kilos or maintain your figure, swimming (together with a balanced diet, of course) is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals.




Swimming is a highly energy-intensive sport. One hour of swimming at a moderate pace will burn up almost 600 calories! Watch those calories melt away!




Don’t be mistaken, doing a few breaststrokes is not enough. Only sustained effort and regular energy expenditure will help you to lose weight and/or slim down. So opt for regular sessions (once or twice a week) without overdoing it (30 minutes to 2 hour), instead of a long and intensive training session once every three months.

You will be shedding a whole of calories, getting yourself in shape and toning your muscles. And last but not the least you are going to have fun doing it!


To give you an idea of what awaits your poor calories during your next swimming workout, Nabaiji has a visual representation for you:


Butterfly stands on the winner's platform, not only does it tone your entire body, but it also burns those calories away. About 60 minutes of butterfly will roughly burn about 920 calories! That's a lot of calories!

Breaststroke! is the second most effective stroke in terms of getting those calories melted away and also toning your body. An hour of medium paced breaststroke will roughly burn about 540 calories.

Front crawl and backstroke come in tied for third place! however, this does not mean that they are not as effective, they are used to keep the body in rhythm, while you shed those calories away. An hour will burn you about 540 calories which is still a lot, compared to burning 100 calories running at a medium pace covering 1km.



However, favouring only one stroke will not necessarily be the most entertaining and gratifying. While it drains you of your energy. To slim down more efficiently while having maximum fun, it is crucial to vary your strokes, exercises and pace. This will keep the session fun and pleasurable while those calories are shed away.


During your session, don’t forget to recover actively by continuing to move around. This will help you to lose weight and melt the calories effectively.

You will feel more satisfied and content at the end of the session. You will also be confident about yourself and your body, which you have worked upon.

How simple is that? So let’s go ahead and scorch our calories while having fun!

Importance of proper breathing when swimming
Adopting proper breathing techniques for swimming avoids hypoxia, poor oxygenation, and helps you swim smoothly. To know more about the importance of breathing in water, Visit Now.