India is a pretty good destination for adventure sports enthusiasts. Look at the list of adventure sports in India to get your adrenaline pumping.


Do you have a heart throbbing for a splendid and daring adventure? There are different types of adventure sports that pops up around every single day. It is important to choose the best adventure sports for your life time experience because “life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. Grab your big boots it’s time for some daredevil adventure sports.


India with its wide landscapes, sumptuous water bodies and sky kissing mountain becomes an inevitable place in the list of adventure sports. It becomes the most favored destination of almost all nature lovers and adventure junkies, as it is the blend of greenery and recreational activities. Here’s a list of adventure sports in India that you must try out once in a lifetime.


List of adventure sports in India

1. Paragliding

Paragliding is a common recreational sport in high mountain ranges mostly Himachal Pradesh. Everything seems to be fine when you are up in the sky floating like a bird amidst the cool breeze or freezing snow. The riders fly up on a free flying lightweight paraglider with high safety measures. It allows you to capture the breath taking views of the city covered either with snow or greenery.


Best Places to go Paragliding in India:

- Himachal Pradesh - Bir Billing

- Bangalore - Nandi Hills

mountain biking adventure sports in India

2. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is slowing gaining its popularity as one of the best adventure sports in India. The Northwest of Bengal has become a dearest place for most of the adventure junkies. With its high mountain ranges and paths, it serves as the best spot for mountain biking. Forget about Royal Enfield’s, you have to pedal up through the rough off roads and terrains, either with bicycles or specially designed mountain bikes. It’s a risky sport but worth risking!

Best places to go Mountain Biking in India:

- Munnar

- Manali - Leh

3. Bungee Jumping

Jump, fall off, and ward off all your worries and wearies of life. It is one among the extreme sports where you have to jump or fall down from the edge of a quiet high platform. That’s sounds scary and daring too!... there will be a loosely long elastic rope attached to you to the fall while you near the water or terrain below. Take a deep breath and do the plunge, because we live life once in forever.

Where to go for Bungee Jumping in India?

- Ozone Adventures in Bangalore

- Della Adventure in Lonavala

4. Skydiving

When you feel the adrenaline rush in you seeing all those advertisements of mountain dew and other, sky dives are right up there for you to curb your enthusiasm. Sky diving is an adventure activity that are of various types, you have to fall to the open blue, vast and wide sky from a helicopter, that’s the basics. The divers will be attached with a parachute and other safety measurements before falling off. Unchain yourself from the strangles of life and enjoy the Indian paradise from a bird’s eye view amidst the fluffy clouds.

Best Places for Skydiving in India:

- Aamby Valley - Maharashtra

- Mysore - Karnataka

- Deesa - Gujarat

adventure sports

5. River Rafting

River rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in India that is going to get you on your nerves with goosebumps. You have to navigate a choppy river in an inflatable raft. The raft might swirl and swings sideways depending upon the sudden plunges in river’s height or rocks lurking in water. Risky but a tremendous activity to be done with your family and friends. The boon is, it is not necessary for you to be a swimmer to enjoy the ride! Just follow the instructor and raw, raw, raw the boat…

Where to go for river rafting in India?

- Zanskar River, Ladakh

- Beas River, Kullu & Manali

- Lohit River , Arunachal Pradesh

scuba diving adventure sport in India

6. Scuba Diving

Are you a born water baby? Then scuba diving is your personalized adventure sports. Explore the mystery of the mysterious and gorgeous underwater world with your own eyes. It is an extreme sport, with a limited supply of oxygen and an entirely hostile environment, where your only companions are the sharks or the colorful marine organisms. SCUBA- Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, dive in with your oxygen to unveil the mysterious secrets under the water.

Best Place For Scuba Diving in India:

- Shelter Cove, Goa

- Cinque Island ( Port Blair), Andaman and Nicobar Islands

- Netrani Island, Karnataka


7. Zipline

Now take your level of fun out of the box on to the ropes. The person is attached to a rope with pulleys, usually attached from the peak to the bottom. It allows the free fall or slide of the rider from the peak height to the bottom level, without a pause of breath. Mostly Zip lines are built over waterfalls or green canopies or smoky sky ranges to add the bit of the magnificent and soothing ethereal beauty of nature.

Where to try Zipline in India?

- Munnar, Kerala

- Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

- Kerwa Dam, Madhya Pradesh

Surfing in India

8. Surfing

Surfing, the water sport is a challenge that you play with the daredevil waves. The surfer rides on a board freely forward facing the loud waves, which carries the surfer to the shore. Before going for a challenging surf ride, make sure you are mentally and physically prepared to face the wave. Because waves are loud and deep, but you have to enjoy the ride!.

Best places for Surfing in India;

- Ramakrishna Beach, Andhra Pradesh

- Kovalam Beach, Kerala

- Gokarna, Karnataka

Skiing adventure sports

9. Heli Skiing  

Heli skiing is the adventure sport which takes winter sport to a new and advanced level. This is an ultimate challenge for a born skier or boarder whose eager to carve endless tracks in the fluffy snow. Leave behind the crowd and chaos behind to enjoy a soothing snow ride. The rider is left in the deep paths of snow by a helicopter or chopper and left in solitude to enjoy the heart out.

Best Locations for Skiing in India:

- Manali, Himachal Pradesh

- Gulmarg, Kashmir

adventure sports

10. Water Rappelling

Water rappelling is one of the exciting adventure sports in India. It is the perfect answer for an action packed heroic sport activity. In water rappelling you have to climb down a rock surface with the help of ropes. The rock surface will be amidst of the madly falling water. With the help of thick ropes, protective gears and trainers you are made to climb down the rock surface with the soothing touch and noisy silence of the water. The enthusiastic slide down through the rushing water is a forever experience to be captured in the book of your adventure diaries.

Where to go for Water Rappelling in India-

- Chelavara Waterfalls, Coorg Karnataka

- Jogini Waterfall, Manali Himachal Pradesh

- Kondane Caves, Lonavala

snorkeling adventure sport in India

11. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is akin to scuba diving but devoid of the oxygen tanks in your back. Snorkeling is a fun sport mostly done by a bunch. Using snorkel fins and mask you have to dive in to the deep ocean and explore the aquatic world to its best. It is a form of free diving where you have to wander around in the deep ocean with the flow and your body.

Best places to go for Snorkeling in India;

- Elephant Beach on Havelock Island

- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

- Monkey Island , Goa


adventure sports

12. Kayaking

Kayaking is a water sport where each one needs a kayak for moving across the water. Mostly done in singles Kayaking takes you through the rippling water in to the lap of the nature. Paddle through the soothing water, along with the small waves and pushes to a reality never experienced before. Kayaking is also done in deeper and rougher water bodies depending upon your skill to paddle and handle the kayak.

Best Kayaking Locations in India:

- Kali River, Uttarakhand 

- Back waters, Kerala

- Brahmaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh


Glacier Climbing in India

13. Glacier Climbing

Ever wished to be the wildlings like Ygriite or Tormund of Game of thrones? Here is your dream come true. Hike up the snow mountains with an exciting and risky adventure sport of glacier climbing. Glaciers are not your normal hike up hills, rather more rough and a hard nut to crack. You need solid climbing boots, ropes, icing axes etc as necessary equipment’s. by plunging with the ice axe into the glacier and holding on the rope, you have to climb on step by step with precision to reach the top. It is an extreme sport with a bit strenuous rules and exercise.

Where to go Glacier Climbing in India?

- Khatling Glacier,Himalayas

- Milam Glacier, Uttarakhand


Dirt Biking in India

14. Dirt Biking

That’s when dirt stain is good for you! Enough of riding on smooth and paved roads. Get on your dirt bikes and own the off roads on your name. dirt biking is an extreme activity. Dirt bikes are motorcycles made for running on streets and rough paths. You have to grab the helmet and plunge your bike tires through the dirt, may be hard, and race to the world of fantasy. Make sure the instructions are followed with all the safety measures

Best locations for Dirt Biking in India;

- Coorg – Karnataka

- Munnar – Kerala.

Kitesurfing in India

15. Kitesurfing

This air borne sport works with the aid of the wind power. It comprises of a wing shaped sail, which floats in the direction of the wind. You have to clinch on the sail with a tight rope around you. Stick on to the rope and the kite wing take you over the never ending lushy green lands or blue water bodies or the white fluffy snow. Enjoy the nature when it is at its best.

Best places to go for Kitesurfing in India

- Beaches of Goa

- Blue Bell Beach, Dwaraka, Gujarat

16. Zorbing

Zorbing is usually fun. You’ll feel that you are trapped inside a giant’s stomach who keeps on rolling sideways.! A recreational activity where you have to be in a zorb ball which will be rolled down from an elevated area to down. Usually the planes will be gentle slope for the rider to access the control. The rider can walk or move freely inside the ball directing the Zorb where to go and how to go. Roll upside down to a world of fun and adventure with zorbing.

Good locations for Zorbing in India

- Manali, Himachal Pradesh

- Pahalgam, Kashmir

17. Hot Air Ballooning

Flying up in a balloon became an all-time fantasy after the movie Up. The old man flies up with the house carried by balloons seamlessly in the blue sky. Hot air balloons are here to turn your fantasy into reality. These are mainly done in Maharashtra etc., where the wind is mild. You have to get on to the small basket which is carried by the hot hydrated balloon, relax, breathe and enjoy the serene beauty of the world below you.

Where to go for Hot Air Balloon in India - 

- Lonavala, Maharashtra 

- Uttar Pradesh

- Goa

- Rajastan

hiking adventure sport in India

18. Hiking

When it comes to hiking, India opens up its ethereal geography for us to enjoy and learn. Hiking trails are usually difficult consisting of hard rock surfaces, off roads and terrace.It is a soft adventure sport and can be done devoid of age and gender. Venture mountains and plains with your hiking sticks and backpacks. Explore the nature to its core by paving your paths on ways.

Where to go for Hiking in India?

- Tiger Hills, Darjeeling

- Nagalapuram Trek, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

- Manali, Himachal Pradesh

parasailing in India

19. Parasailing

Parasailing is the flying version of wakeboarding. You are attached to a specially designed canopy wing which is attached to a boat or vehicle. The person is towed behind the vehicle. It is easier compared to paragliding, where the parascender has no or less control over the parachute. Relax hang up and enjoy the beauty below you whether water or greenery.

Where to go for parasailing in India?

- Manali, Solang Valley- Himachal Pradesh

- Varkala Beach - Kerala

Caving in India

20. Caving

Caving is an adventure sport that gained popularity very recently. Interested in exploring archeological mysteries or are you a nyctophile who enjoys darkness. Then caving is your sport. India rich with its deep and mysterious cave is the best spot for caving. Conducted by professionalized trainers, this activity takes you to massive underground caves and hills to unveil the buried mysteries. Reaching massive caves, itself is an adventure sport, amidst silenced forests and loud waterfalls. Drive away from the chaotic life into something which is more precious and mysterious.


Where to go for Caving in India -

- Amarnath Cave

- Jammu & Kashmir.

- Borra Caves, Vishakhapatnam

- Meghalaya , East Khasi Hills

These are few list of adventure sports in India, which you must experience at least once a lifetime. So what’s pulling you back, choose your sport pack your backs and enroute.


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