Walking is the easiest type of exercise to engage in, an activity you already do every day of your life. But walk to lose weight? That's actually a great idea if you're wondering how to lose weight and get a flat stomach.

... you've come to the right place:we explain how to get a flat stomach through fitness walking!

Lose weight gently with fitness walking!

Fitness walking is an excellent way to do sport, stay in shape and lose weight with a gentle workout. Yes, gently. Because it is an activity with little impact, there is less risk of injury to the body and articulations.Also gently because you don't lose your breath, as you do when running.

Fitness walking is a sport for getting a flat stomach without any constraints, perfect for eliminating without stress and suffering!

The fitness walking tip for getting a flat stomach

It's true: it's possible to lose weight if you walk regularly. You can burn up to 300 calories in one hour of fitness walking at an average speed of 6.5 km/hr.

On the other hand, getting a flat stomach is not easy, even if you do sport regularly. Here is a tip for getting a flat stomach quickly: when you are walking, pull your stomach in and breath "with your stomach". This technique works your abdominal muscles, toning them and pulling your stomach in.

Diet and hydration for toning your stomach muscles

Staying hydrated is essential during any physical effort, but also throughout the day. Staying hydrated and drinking regularly helps to tone the skin on your stomach.

Stay motivated… track your fitness walking sessions!

Stay motivated and walk all year round - track your efforts! Regularity is the key to losing weight and getting a flat stomach back.

Use the free application Decathlon Coach and use connected devices such as a watch and pedometer to track and analyse your fitness walking sessions. It's a great way to stay motivated and plan future sessions!

Did you know that fitness walking is not only good for getting a flat stomach,  it's also a great sport for getting rid of cellulite ?


running illustration
Walking is a simple activity that is good for your health and can help you run better. So combining walking and running is always a good idea. Find out how!
When you practise fitness walking, the foot motion is specific to this sport. Fitness walking shoes are specially designed to facilitate this movement, which goes from the heel to the big toe in 3 stages.
Doctors and healthcare specialists agree that fitness walking is an excellent choice for losing weight: it allows your muscles to burn calories by using your fate reserves