Whether it's e-cigarettes, patches, hypnosis, acupuncture or even just willpower, you've no doubt tried everything to stop smoking. But nothing quite seems to work and you always end up giving in.




So have you tried doing sport? It may not seem like it, but doing a physical activity will help you achieve your goal more easily and therefore definitively break your addiction to tobacco. We explain why.

Quitting smoking and doing sport to improve your health

The main reason that smokers want to quit is to improve their health. We all know that cigarettes are a right pain and lead to all sorts of diseases, including lung cancer.
By doing sport, you'll start taking better care of your body, which is poles apart from what you do when you smoke.
Little by little, you'll combine the benefits of quitting tobacco with those of exercise: easier breathing and less breathlessness, better sleep, and general well-being from the release of endorphins in your body.

It's all good news!


If you're already sporty and a smoker, you'll no doubt have noticed your habit wreaking havoc with your training.
Laboured breathing, longer recovery times, disappointing performances and discomfort and pain are all linked to doing sport as a smoker. By quitting, you'll gradually shake off these issues. What better motivation than seeing yourself improve?

Doing sport to limit weight gain    

Smokers often lose their motivation to quit when they start gaining weight. It gives them another reason to turn back to cigarettes.


But by doing sport, you'll not only heavily limit any weight gain, but you may also find yourself a better sports user than you were before!


Provided that you do a physical activity several times per week, you'll lose fat and gain muscle.

The result will be a slimmer figure, without gaining weight.


Sport as the motivation to quit smoking  

Let's not kid ourselves: stopping smoking is much more complicated than it seems. And if you're reading this article, you're no doubt well aware of this!


Doing sport means you'll have a goal to achieve that will help you stick it out.

You'll keep your mind focused on positive things, such as your sporting objectives, and think less and less about tobacco.


You're now full of good reasons to definitively give up smoking.

However, before getting back into sport we recommend consulting your doctor to make sure you're in good shape and to avoid any potential problems. We're right behind you!


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