Let's be honest, motivating yourself to exercise isn't always easy. Breaking a sweat is tough, and you sometimes feel pretty rough for a few days after a hard session.


So why go to all that effort when just flopping on the sofa is so tempting? There are so many good reasons, but we've selected our four favourites to convince you to get out of the house and stay fit.

Doing sport is good for your health!

This is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about why we should do sport. It's so good for keeping us in shape!


By doing a sport, you will have a positive effect on numerous aspects of your health.

The list of health benefits that come from sport goes on and on: better heart functioning and circulation, increased muscle mass, reduced fat, healthy joints and bones, and a lower risk of cancer, among others.


In short, sport lets you live longer and keeps you healthier.

Doing sport is good for your mind!

Sport will help keep you mentally healthy and get rid of stress and other negative thoughts.

By doing sport, your body will secrete endorphins, which give you a feeling of well-being and can even become addictive! Sport will mean forgetting any negative thoughts and those little everyday worries.


So be sure not to miss out.

Doing sport means losing weight!          

One of the main reasons people take up sport is to lose weight!

Who hasn't dreamed of having a more muscular body? Who hasn't secretly wanted to lose those few excess pounds?

Hardly anyone.


If you do sport regularly, you'll burn off your fat while increasing the volume of your muscles. Your figure will become more slender and you'll feel better in your skin. You will be faster, fitter and stronger: a true sports user!

Doing sport just for the fun of it!

What about doing sport just for the fun of it? You don't necessarily need to have a few extra pounds to lose or someone to impress to take up a sport. You'll do yourself good just by focusing on you and you alone!

This feeling of pleasure will vary according to the sport you choose and your expectations, from getting a thrill from extreme sports and/or a bit of speed, to the satisfaction of improving your performance without comparing yourself against someone else, having fun with friends doing a team sport, etc.

You definitely won't be short of these fun times and, after all, it's exactly what you wanted!


How about you? What's your reason for doing sport? To feel younger? To keep going in the third quarter? Let us know your biggest motivation!


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