A day without stress, just for you, it's right now... let yourself be guided.


No need to leap out of bed today! Take the time to wake up, gently.

Slowly open your eyes, take a deep breath by inflating the abdomen, and then exhale as much as possible. Then stretch yourself out like a cat. Sit on the edge of the bed and stand up, gently.


Do you know how to rid your body of toxins accumulated overnight?

By sipping a glass of lemon juice with lukewarm water. There's nothing like it to purify the body and help it to get started. This citrus fruit is a diuretic and really boosts the digestive process.


If you want to do your body some good and relax the mind, what could be better than a little yoga break.

The position we have selected has many benefits: It relaxes the spine, develops the rib cage, opens the chest, massages the abdomen thus avoiding fatty deposits, and helps to purify the skin and blood circulation. This exercise is perfect to wake up your muscles and is great for firming up.



Performing the exercise: kneel on the ground, with the ankles on the ground. Slowly lean the chest backwards. If your body lets you, hold on to your heels. When you're securely installed, accentuate the position by pushing the pelvis forward and upwards. The head follows the body in extension. Hold the position for as long as you can, then slowly return, raising first one hand, then another.

Breathing: inhale before going down; exhale when you lean backwards. Then hold the position, breathing normally.

Safety advice: remember to tuck in your tummy and tense your core muscles; stretch your chest and your head upwards before going down so as not to shrink yourself or crush your lumbar vertebrae.

Repeat: 4 repetitions with a short recovery.


Swap your cup of coffee for a large mug of green tea. This is both a diuretic and slimming drink, which burns calories and slows down fat absorption. Drink without milk or sugar.

And so as to not go hungry, have a slice of wholemeal bread with a scraping of butter, a 0% fat fromage frais and an orange for the vitamins.


Take a day off by all means, but forget about staying on the sofa. To get rid of toxins and get some new energy, you need to put your trainers on and get out of your cubby hole.

Enjoy the fresh and invigorating morning air, perfect for emptying your mind. If possible, choose a green area, or even better a space by the seaside for a real energy revival. The sea air promotes a strong negative ionization which regulates serotonin, the hormone connected to stress.


Here is a special energy boosting juice to drink for some added energy to your day, but also and especially to reach our goal of 800 g of vegetables per day.

You need to get hold of a quality juicer that can extract the maximum juice (i.e. very little dry residue). Juice 2 apples, 2 carrots, 1/4 of an inch of ginger. There you go, it's in the bag.


Choose a light and tasty recipe to fill up on vitamins: tabbouleh of quinoa with fresh herbs (see Energy bomb, Martine Fallon).

Prepare 200g of quinoa with a bit of olive oil. Season with lime zest, coarsely crushed almonds roasted in olive oil, 1 fresh green chilli finely chopped, small cubes of courgette and cucumber, chopped flat parsley and chopped mint. Sprinkle with Guérande sea salt...


It's time to daydream. Lie down comfortably and get stuck in a book. Let the surrounding calm soothe you.

If Morpheus is giving you the eye, why not have a little nap. Studies have shown that a 20 to 90 minute nap in the afternoon helps to increase mental performance and decrease the risk of gaining weight. In addition, this pause in the day does not affect sleep during the night. 


5 almonds + 1 glass of rice milk. Instead of biscuits at tea time, have some almonds instead.

Careful now, no more than a small handful! Low in sugar, almonds are a real appetite suppressant because of the fibre and protein content. As for rice milk, it is full of slow sugars, vitamins and minerals. It is mild and easy to digest.


Breathing properly is the basis of everything: A healthy mind in a healthy body. This is pure enjoyment: the feeling of renewing the air that fills our lungs and gives us life... it's essential to know how to use abdominal breathing to calm the body and move beyond the annoyances of the day. 


Relaxation exercise: sitting on the floor against a wall or lying on your back, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. Place one hand on your belly and exhale through the mouth tucking in your belly slightly (voluntarily push with your hand to bring in the belly). Then inhale through the nose only inflating the abdomen (belly swells). Breath out slowly through the mouth (exhalation is slower than inhalation). Repeat the exercise 3 times in a row


What better way to finish a detox day than with some self-massaging?

Here is a 3-minute ritual to follow every night to improve the circulation and remove toxins: self-massaging the belly. This is a great way to drain, detox and release water tension why improving digestion. First make circular movements on your belly, anti-clockwise. Continue by feeling and rolling: hold the skin with one or two hands between the thumb and fingers, and roll it between your fingers.


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