Over 40 years, Decathlon has never stopped evolving.In 1976, the year of its creation, Decathlon was a sports equipment retailer.In 2016, the blue brand is sports equipment retailer, but more importantly a designer of innovative products.

Decathlon was created by Michel Leclercq based on a simple idea : meet the needs of athletes by offering a self-service, one-stop shop for every type of sports equipment.

In 1996, the Passion Brands were created through the birth of two brands : Quechua for hiking sports, and Tribord for water sports. Today, more than 20 Passion Brands work day-in, day-out to ensure that sports remain synonymous with innovation, comfort, safety, and performance.

In 1999, Decathlon reached a major milestone with the creation of its R&D centre near Lille (France).

Today, several centres test our products and contribute to their success.

At Decathlon, innovation is at the core of our project. This strategy has two main goals :

1. Innovate smart

Because our primary purpose is to make it easier for athletes to practice their sport. We put the user at the centre of our approach, and focus on innovations in usage. By watching sports enthusiasts practice their sport at their regular facilities and at our R&D centre, and by listening to them, our salespersons, product managers, designers and engineers imagine the products of tomorrow. The ones that will make it easier to practice the sport and ensure the athlete’s comfort, pleasure and safety.

2. Affordable prices

We also want as many people as people to enjoy our innovations, in every product category, not just the most expensive or sophisticated. Our goal is therefore to make our innovations available to as many customers and users worldwide as we can, thanks to our prices, which we keep as low as possible.

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